For all analyses, we implement modern methods for sample preparation. When possible, we use automation because it offers advantages related to improved sample quality, improved reproducibility, reduced amount of starting material required, and reduced hands-on time for personnel.


Thermo Varioskan LUX

Multimode plate reader

Proteomic samples are routinely quantified at the protein and peptide level to maximize MS data quality.


Perfinity Workstation

Multi-dimensional digital HPLC

The Pefinity is used for preparation of MS-compatible peptides from variety of sources and enables automated affinity enrichment followed by trypsin digestion.


Eppendorf epMotion 2073m

Liquid Handling Workstation

This instrument is owned by and located in the Gundry lab, but the MS Center borrows time to develop automated sample processing workflows to enhance reproducibility, quantitation, and throughput.