Our technologies and expertise are applied to targeted and untargeted analyses of biological molecules including identification, characterization, and quantitation of peptides, proteins, glycans, metabolites, and small molecules.

To learn more about the major types of projects of we undertake in the MS Center, click on the links below.

It is impractical to list all of our capabilities on this site, so please schedule a consultation to learn more about the approaches most suitable to your specific research questions.

Proteomics - Identification

Identify proteins, using either peptide-level or protein-level  workflows. 

Proteomics - Interactions

Protein-protein interactions can be identified by a variety of techniques.

Proteomics - Modifications

Identification and site-localization of post-translational modifications on peptides and proteins.

Proteomics - Structural

Disufide and cross-linking analyses to inform protein structure and dynamics.

Proteomics - Quantitation

Relative (or absolute in some cases) quantitation, using either untargeted or targeted workflows.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Sequence and subunit analyses, including localization and composition of the glycan.

Targeted Metabolomics

Relative quantitation of >120 common nucleotides, metabolites and intermediates.