Post-doctoral researchers in the Center gain experience with a wide variety of modern instrumentation operation and maintenance, method development, and bioinformatics while developing complex project management skills. Our post-doctoral researchers manage collaborative projects ongoing in the Center and also drive independent research projects focused on technology development. Important for any training environment, our researchers have numerous opportunities to write manuscripts, apply for fellowships, and attend conferences and training courses.

The MS Center post-doctoral positions are not suited for researchers interested in traditional tenure track academic positions, but rather are designed to provide young scientists with hand-on experience in a broad range of technical, analytical, and professional skills that will be highly sought after in positions within industry, academic research staff, and similar. Potential post-doctoral researchers interested in gaining mass spectrometry experience for a future tenure-track position are encouraged to visit the Gundry lab website.

Interested in applying?

Send a statement of training interest and CV directly to Dr. Gundry. ▸