Partial or full funding of a Center research scientist.

This is the mode used for any project that requires any level of customization or method development.

Investigators benefit by having a dedicated professional specialist guide the project to completion, and have more flexibility regarding study design compared to fee-for-service.

This mode can also be used for large endeavors requiring  established methods, but which would be cost-prohibitive in a fee-for-service model.

    How much does it cost?

    Costs are calculated on a per-study basis, and include:

    • Actual cost for consumables and reagents
    • Operations fee (contribution to instrument maintenance costs, bioinformatic licensing fees, and other operational fees)
    • Percent effort of a Center researcher

    Why it works

    • Modern approaches are rarely one-size-fits all and often require considerable time and effort to develop and implement new methods
    • During method development, not every sample "works", so "per sample" fees don't make sense
    • Investigators can be invoiced or can include salary directly in a grant budget