Monthly Discussion Group

The Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group provides a platform for faculty and trainees to present their research related to mass spectrometry and receive constructive feedback, and hear from experts in the field on new technologies and approaches.

Biannual Research Symposium

This event brings together basic science and clinical investigators interested in applying MS to their research program. 

Graduate School Course

This course is open to all graduate students and fellows. The overall goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to MS for modern biomedical research, including fundamental concepts and applications.

Post-Doctoral Training

Our trainees gain experience with a broad range of technical, analytical, and professional skills.

Training Workshops

We offer training workshops for our self-service instruments that include didactic lectures and hands-on exercises. For self-service users, these are the first step in receiving training to operate the instrumentation independently.

Youth Outreach

We welcome groups of high school and college students to visit our MS Center Laboratory for a few hours of fun!