Looking for an estimate of costs prior to starting a project?

Due to the wide range of experimental details that ultimately determine which workflows are most appropriate for each project, we are unable to provide specific cost estimates prior to the Project Consultation. Click here to schedule a consultation today!

Collaboration is key! 

For most projects, Investigators contribute to salary support for MS Center personnel - enabling us to implement truly modern and customized methods most appropriate for the study - but without the "nickel and dime" approach commonly found in core facilities. Such approaches, when applied to MS, would be cost-prohibitive for most modern studies.

Salary support is provided via invoicing and/or percent effort on grants.

Our Priorities:

The significant costs of instrumentation, maintenance, software, and highly skilled personnel required for successful implementation render Mass Spectrometry an expensive technique. Importantly, in the MS Center, we aim to provide state-of-the-art analyses while operating with a sustainable model that prioritizes:

  • Affordability for MCW/BCW Investigators
  • Equality across disparate sample types

Overview of how costs are determined:

For each project, the following are calculated on a per workflow basis. Each project may be accomplished using one or many workflows.

  • Reagents and consumables (investigator is billed at cost)
  • Labor
  • Operating Fee - a small percentage of actual costs for Maintenance, Software licenses, IT support, etc
  • Bulk rates apply to most projects (1st sample is 100%, samples thereafter are 90% total rate)